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Alternative Dispute Resolution, (ADR) is offered for the following legal disputes:


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  • Accident Insurance

  • Accident, Auto (Defendant)

  • Accident, Auto (Plaintiff)

  • Accident-Boat, Ship

  • Accident-Cruise Line

  • Accident/Health/Disability Insurance

  • Accidents-Maritime

  • Accountant Malpractice

  • Administration of Estates (Probate)

  • Administrative Law-Business Licenses

  • Administrative Law-Department of Motor Vehicles

  • Administrative Law-Federal Agencies (See also specific agencies)

  • Administrative Law-Liquor Licenses

  • Administrative Law-Military

  • Administrative Law-Professional Licenses

  • Administrative Law-Public Utilities Commission

  • Administrative Law-State Agencies (See also specific agencies)

  • Administrative Law-State Disability Benefits

  • Administrative Law-Student

  • Administrative Law-Teacher

  • Administrative Law-Veterans' Benefits

  • Admiralty Accidents

  • Admiralty/Maritime (Business)

  • Adoption (Interstate and International)

  • Adoption within California

  • Agencies-Federal (See also specific agencies)

  • Agencies-State (See also specific agencies)

  • Agency Adoption (Interstate and International)

  • Agency Adoption within California

  • Agent-Negotiate Script Sales for Film/Television

  • Agent-Negotiate Song Sales/Recordings

  • Agreements-Executive Compensation

  • Airplane Crash

  • ALRB Hearings and Appeals (Union)

  • Annulment

  • Antitrust

  • Appeals Board-Unemployment Insurance

  • Appeals, Workers Compensation

  • Appeals- Civil Service

  • Appeals-Civil

  • Appeals-Criminal

  • Appeals-Delinquency (Juvenile) of Felony/Misdemeanor Convictions

  • Appeals-Juvenile Dependency

  • Appeals-Parental Rights

  • Appeals-Union Rights

  • Applications-Patent

  • Arbitration-Securities

  • Artists-Entertainment Law

  • Assault & Battery

  • Assignment for Benefit of Creditors (Bankruptcy Liquidation)

  • Athletes-Entertainment Law

  • Attachment (Collections)

  • Attorney, Sue for Malpractice

  • Audiovisual Works-Copyright Law

  • Audits (State and Federal)-Taxation

  • Auto Accident (Defendant)

  • Auto Accident (Plaintiff)

  • Auto-Lemon Law

  • Availability of Amenities-Severance Damages relating to

  • Aviation Accidents


  • Bad Faith Claims-Insurance

  • Bankruptcy Liquidation

  • Bankruptcy Reorganization-Chapter 11(Business)

  • Bankruptcy-Chapter 11 Reorganization (Business)

  • Bankruptcy-Chapter 13 Reorganization (Individual)

  • Bankruptcy-Creditor

  • Bankruptcy-Personal (Ch. 7)

  • Bar Fight-Tavern Owners Liability

  • Benefits-Disability (ERISA)

  • Benefits-Disability (Public Sector)

  • Benefits-Health (ERISA)

  • Benefits-Health (Public Sector)

  • Benefits-Pension (ERISA)

  • Benefits-Pension (Public Sector)

  • Benefits-State Disability

  • Benefits-Unemployment

  • Benefits-Veterans

  • Blue Sky Surveys

  • Boat Accident

  • Brand Name-Protect/Register

  • Breach of Contract-Consumer

  • Broker, action against

  • Broker/Dealer

  • Bulk Transfer or Sale

  • Business Collections

  • Business Immigration

  • Business Income Taxation (State and Federal)

  • Business License Issues

  • Business Licenses

  • Business Litigation

  • Business Start-up

  • Business-Antitrust

  • Business-Buying and Selling of

  • Business-Contracts

  • Business-Dissolution

  • Business-Formation (Corps./Partnerships)

  • Business-Franchises

  • Business-Mediation

  • Business-Open in Residential Area

  • Business-Securities Offerings/Registrations

  • Buying and Selling a Business


  • California Adoption

  • California Workers Compensation

  • Car Accident (Defendant)

  • Car Accident (Plaintiff)

  • Cars-Lemon Law

  • Casualty Insurance (Homeowners)

  • Catastrophic Injury

  • Change/Reduce Support Payments-Family Law

  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (Reorganization)

  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

  • Chapter 7-Personal Bankruptcy

  • Charge Fees to Spouse-Family Law

  • Child Removed from Home

  • Child Support

  • Childhood Sexual Abuse

  • Choreographic Works-Copyright Law

  • Citizenship-Immigration/Naturalization Law

  • Civil Appeals

  • Civil Rights Violation Behind Firing

  • Civil Rights Violation by Police

  • Civil Rights Violation-Labor and Employment Law

  • Civil Service Classifications

  • Civil Service Hearings and Appeals

  • Claim and Delivery (Collections)


  • Collections-Business

  • Collections-Consumer

  • Commercial Development Financing

  • Commercial Lease (Landlord)

  • Commercial Lease (Tenant)

  • Commercial Matters-International Law

  • Commercial Paper (Contracts)

  • Commercial Transactions-Purchase and Sale of Real Property

  • Compensation Agreements (Executive)

  • Composition for the Benefit of Creditors (Bankruptcy Liquidation)

  • Computer Law-Intellectual Property

  • Computer Software-Copyright Law

  • Condemnation

  • Conditional Use Permits

  • Conditional Use Permits-Litigation

  • Condominiums-Real Property Law

  • Consent (Medical Treatment)

  • Conservation-Environmental Law

  • Conservatorships of Persons/Property

  • Consistency with General Plan (Zoning)-Litigation

  • Constitutionality of Zoning Laws-Litigation

  • Construction Contracts

  • Construction Contracts-Litigation

  • Consumer Affairs, Department of

  • Consumer Collections

  • Consumer Fraud

  • Consumer Law-General

  • Consumer-Breach of Contract

  • Contests, Will

  • Contract-Personal Service/Performance

  • Contractors State License Board

  • Contracts (including commercial paper and secured transactions)

  • Contracts, Venue-Theater

  • Contracts-Employment

  • Cooperatives-Real Property Law

  • Copyright Law-Intellectual Property

  • Corporate Income Tax

  • Corporation (formation of)

  • Corporation-Dissolution

  • Court Martial

  • Credit Denial/Credit Reporting Agencies

  • Creditor-Bankruptcy Proceedings

  • Criminal Appeals

  • Criminal-Death Penalty/No Possibility of Parole

  • Criminal-Felony

  • Criminal-Felony Homicide

  • Criminal-Military

  • Criminal-Misdemeanor

  • Criminal-Traffic Violation

  • Criminal-White Collar Crimes

  • Cruise Line Accident

  • Custody (Intrastate)-Family Law

  • Custody Disputes-International

  • Custody Disputes-Interstate

  • Custody-Mediation

  • Customs and Tariffs-International Law


  • Damage to Property

  • Death Penalty/No Possibility of Parole

  • Debtor's Examination (Collections)

  • Decedents' Estates, Probate of

  • Deceptive Business Practices (Consumer)

  • Deeds of Trust (Residential Real Estate)

  • Defamation

  • Defective New Car

  • Defense of Employers in Labor and Employment Matters

  • Defense of Workers Compensation Suit

  • Delinquency Appeals (Juvenile) of Felony/Misdemeanor Convictions

  • Delinquent-Felony (Juvenile)

  • Delinquent-Misdemeanor (Juvenile)

  • Denial of Credit

  • Denial of Insurance Claim-Bad Faith

  • Dental Malpractice

  • Dentist, Sue for Malpractice

  • Department of Consumer Affairs

  • Department of Corporations (DOC)

  • Department of Corporations (DOC) Investigation-Proceedings

  • Department of Motor Vehicles

  • Dependency and Parental Rights (Juvenile)

  • Deportation-Immigration

  • Development-Sale of Commercial Property for

  • Disability Application-Social Security

  • Disability Benefits (ERISA)

  • Disability Benefits-Public Sector

  • Disability Benefits-State

  • Disability Insurance Claims

  • Disability Termination (Social Security)

  • Disaster-Related Claims-Insurance

  • Discrimination in Government Employment

  • Discrimination in Workplace as Cause of Termination

  • Disinheritance of Spouse or Child

  • Dissolution-Business

  • Dissolution-Mediation

  • Division of Compensation Among Divided Interests in Eminent Domain/Condemnation

  • Divorce

  • Divorce (Family Law)

  • DNA Tests-Paternity Actions

  • Doctor, Sue for Malpractice

  • Domestic Partnership Agreements-Family Law

  • Domestic Relations (Divorce)

  • Domestic Violence Prevention Act Restraining Orders

  • Dram Shop Liability

  • Dramatic Works--Copyright Law

  • Driver's Licenses

  • Driveway/Property Line Disputes

  • Driving without Insurance

  • DUI

  • Durable Powers of Attorney (Excluding Healthcare)

  • Durable Powers of Attorney for Healthcare



  • Earthquake Claim-Insurance

  • Easements

  • Elder Abuse

  • Elderlaw (Long-term Planning for Care/Treatment)

  • Embezzlement-White Collar Crime

  • Eminent Domain

  • Emotional Distress from Sexual Assault or Childhood Sexual Abuse

  • Employer Representation-Labor and Employment Law

  • Employment Contracts

  • Employment Development Department

  • Employment Rights-Non-Union/Non-Government

  • Enforcement Action, SEC, NASD or DOC

  • Enforcement of Orders (Post-Judgment)-Family Law

  • Enforcement or Removal of Mechanics' Liens

  • Entertainment Law-Film/Television

  • Entertainment Law-Music

  • Entertainment Law-Performers

  • Entertainment Law-Publishing

  • Entertainment Law-Theater

  • Entertainment Litigation

  • Environmental Impact Statements

  • Environmental Impact Statements-Litigation

  • Environmental Law-Conservation/Public Lands

  • Environmental Law-Hazardous/Toxic Wastes

  • Environmental Law-Mineral Rights

  • Environmental Law-Oil & Gas

  • Environmental Law-Water Rights

  • EPA Violation-Hazardous/Toxic Wastes

  • ERISA Benefits (Pension/Health/Disability)

  • Escrow Instructions (Residential Real Estate)

  • Estate Administration (Probate)

  • Estate and Gift Tax-Planning

  • Eviction of Residential Tenant (Tenant)

  • Eviction of Residential Tenant by Landlord

  • Exceptions (Zoning)

  • Exceptions (Zoning)-Litigation

  • Excess Condemnation/Public Use/Future Use

  • Exclusion Hearings or Appeals (Deportation)

  • Executive Compensation Agreements

  • Executive Severance Pay

  • Export-Import Transactions



  • FAA Matters

  • Fair Employment and Housing Act (Sexual Harassment)

  • False Arrest

  • False Imprisonment

  • Family Law-Annulment

  • Family Law-Custody (Intrastate)

  • Family Law-Divorce

  • Family Law-DVPA Restraining Orders

  • Family Law-Fee from Spouse

  • Family Law-Guardianship of Minors

  • Family Law-Move Away Cases

  • Family Law-Paternity Actions

  • Family Law-Post Judgment Enforcement of Orders

  • Family Law-Pre-Nuptial and Domestic Partnership Agreements

  • Family Law-Support Modification

  • FCC Matters

  • FDA Matters

  • Federal Agencies-Administrative Law (See also specific agencies)

  • Federal Estate Tax Return (Form 706)

  • Federal Workers Compensation

  • Fee from Spouse-Family Law

  • Felony

  • Felony Homicide

  • Felony-Juvenile Delinquent

  • Fiduciary Duties (Real Property Matters)-Litigation

  • Film-Entertainment

  • Financing for Commercial Development

  • Fire Insurance (Homeowners)

  • Fired Because of Workplace Discrimination

  • Flood Claim-Insurance

  • Food Poisoning from Product

  • Forcible Entry-Commercial Lease (Landlord)

  • Forcible Entry-Commercial Lease (Tenant)

  • Forcible Entry-Residential Lease (Landlord)

  • Forcible Entry-Residential Lease (Tenant)

  • Foreclosures

  • Foreign Corporation-Qualification in California

  • Formation of Commercial Real Estate Entities

  • Formation-Corporation

  • Formation-Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

  • Formation-Limited Partnership

  • Formation-Nonprofit Corporation

  • Formation-Partnership

  • Franchise Tax Board Audits

  • Franchises

  • Fraud (Real Property)-Litigation

  • Fraud-Consumer

  • Fraud-White Collar Crime

  • Future Use/Excess Condemnation/Public Use



  • General Partnership-Formation

  • Gift Tax-Planning

  • Golden Parachutes

  • Government Employment

  • Graphic Works-Copyright Law

  • Green Cards-Immigration Law

  • Ground Lease

  • Guardianship (Persons with Mental Disabilities)

  • Guardianship of Minors



  • Harassment of Tenant

  • Harassment Pay (Union Members)

  • Harassment, Sexual

  • Harbors, Business Matters involving

  • Hazardous Wastes

  • Health Benefits (ERISA)

  • Health Benefits-Public Sector

  • Health Insurance

  • Health-Mental

  • Healthcare Decisions-Power of Attorney for Healthcare

  • Healthcare-Durable Powers of Attorney

  • Hearings-Civil Service

  • Hearings-Union Rights

  • Hidden Assets (Divorce)

  • Hit and Run-Criminal Defense

  • Home Improvement/Repairs

  • Home Repair Scams

  • Homeowners Insurance (Fire/Property/Casualty)

  • Homicide-Criminal Defense

  • Hospital, Sue for Malpractice



  • Immediate Possession in Eminent Domain/Condemnation

  • Immigration-Business

  • Immigration-Deportation

  • Immigration-Labor Certification

  • Immigration-Political Asylum

  • Immigration-Visas/Naturalization

  • Import-Export Transactions

  • Income, Business-Taxation (State and Federal)

  • Income, Personal-Taxation (State and Federal)

  • Incorporation-Business

  • Indemnity (Insurance)

  • Informed Consent (Medical Treatment)

  • Infringement-Copyright

  • Infringement-Patents

  • Infringement-Trademark

  • Injury from Product

  • Injury to Persons

  • Insurance, Driving without

  • Insurance-Accident/Health/Disability

  • Insurance-Bad Faith Claims

  • Insurance-Disaster-Related Claims

  • Insurance-Life

  • Insurance-Obligation of Defense and Indemnity

  • Intellectual Property-Computer Law

  • Intellectual Property-Copyright Law

  • Intellectual Property-Litigation

  • Intellectual Property-Patent Law

  • Intellectual Property-Trademark

  • Intentional Tort (Assault & Battery/Police Brutality/Malicious Prosecution)

  • International Adoption

  • International Custody Disputes-Family Law

  • International Law-Commercial

  • International Law-Customs and Tariffs

  • International Law-International Trade Agreements

  • International Law-Litigation

  • International Law-Personal Matters

  • International Taxation-Business/Personal

  • International Trade Agreements

  • Interstate Adoption

  • Interstate Custody Disputes

  • Interstate Taxation-Business/Personal

  • Intestate Estates

  • Invasion of Privacy

  • Inverse Condemnation

  • Investment Advisor

  • Investment Advisor, Action Against

  • IRS Audits



  • Joint Ventures-Formation of (Real Estate)

  • Juvenile Delinquency Appeals

  • Juvenile Delinquent Felony

  • Juvenile Delinquent Misdemeanor

  • Juvenile Dependency and Parental Rights



  • Labor Certification-Immigration

  • Land Use Matters-Litigation

  • Landlord/Tenant Matter-Commercial Lease (Tenant)

  • Landlord/Tenant Matters-Commercial Lease (Landlord)

  • Landlord/Tenant Matters-Residential Lease (Landlord)

  • Landlord/Tenant Matters-Residential Lease (Tenant)

  • Lease (Building)

  • Lease (Commercial)-Landlord

  • Lease (Commercial)-Tenant

  • Lease (Office Space)

  • Lease (Residential)-Landlord

  • Lease (Residential)-Tenant

  • Leases-Residential

  • Legal Malpractice

  • Legal Separation-Family Law

  • Legal Separation-Mediation

  • Lemon Law (Automobiles)

  • Libel and Slander

  • Licences-Driver's

  • License-Truck Driver

  • Licenses-Business

  • Licenses-Liquor

  • Licenses-Professional

  • Licenses-Restaurant

  • Licensing on Waterways and Inlets

  • Licensing-Copyright

  • Licensing-Movie Rights

  • Licensing-Patent

  • Licensing-Trademark

  • Life Insurance

  • Liquidation-Bankruptcy

  • Liquor Licenses

  • Literary Works-Copyright Law

  • Litigation-Business

  • Litigation-Entertainment

  • Litigation-Intellectual Property

  • Litigation-International

  • Litigation-Land Use Matters

  • Litigation-Ownership/Possession of Real Property

  • Litigation-Tax (State and Federal)

  • Living Trusts

  • Living Wills-Medical Treatment/Consent Matters

  • Logo-Protect/Register

  • Long-term Planning for Care/Treatment of the Elderly

  • Lost Lease



  • Malicious Prosecution

  • Malpractice (Other than Dental, Legal or Medical)

  • Malpractice-Dental

  • Malpractice-Legal

  • Malpractice-Medical

  • Maps (Subdivision/Parcel)

  • Maps (Subdivision/Parcel)-Litigation

  • Marital Deduction Trusts

  • Maritime (Business)

  • Maritime Accidents

  • Mass Disasters

  • Mechanics' Liens

  • Mediation-Business

  • Mediation-Family Law

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Medical Records, Disputes over

  • Medical Treatment/Consent Matters

  • Medicare/Medical Hearings and Appeals

  • Mental Health Advocacy

  • Mental Patient's Rights

  • Military Court-Criminal Proceedings

  • Military-Administrative Law

  • Military-Criminal

  • Mineral Rights

  • Minor Child-Criminal Felony Charge

  • Minor Child-Criminal Misdemeanor Charge

  • Minors-Guardianship of

  • Misconduct-Attorney (Malpractice)

  • Misdemeanor

  • Misdemeanor (Juvenile Delinquent)

  • Modeling-Entertainment Law

  • Monopoly, action against

  • Motion Pictures-Copyright Law

  • Motor Vehicles Department

  • Move Away Cases-Family Law

  • Movie Rights-Licensing

  • Municipalities/States, Suits against

  • Murder-Criminal Defense

  • Music-Entertainment Law

  • Musical Works-Copyright Law



  • NASD Proceedings

  • National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD)

  • National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) Investigation-Proceedings

  • Naturalization-Immigration

  • Navigation, Business Matters involving

  • Necessity of Taking Particular Parcel

  • Negligent Dental Care

  • Negligent Legal Advice

  • Negligent Medical Care

  • Nightclub-Tavern Owners Liability

  • NLRB Hearings and Appeals (Union)

  • Non-residential Leases

  • Nonprofit Organizations-Representation of



  • Obligation of Defense and Indemnity-Insurance

  • Occupationally Related Disease-California

  • Occupationally Related Disease-Federal

  • Office Space Lease

  • Oil & Gas Law

  • Organ Donation

  • OSHA Violation-Hazardous/Toxic Wastes

  • Out-of-State Adoption

  • Overpayments (Social Security)

  • Overseas Adoption

  • Ownership of Real Property (Litigation)



  • Parcel Maps

  • Parcel Maps-Litigation

  • Parcel-Taking of Portion or Particular Parcel

  • Parental Rights and Dependency (Juvenile)

  • Parental Rights Appeals

  • Partnership Agreements (Domestic)-Family Law

  • Partnership-Dissolution

  • Partnership-formation

  • Patent Law-Intellectual Property

  • Paternity Actions

  • Payback of Unemployment Insurance Benefits

  • Pension and Profit-Sharing Plans (Divorce)

  • Pension Benefits (ERISA)

  • Pension Benefits-Public Sector

  • Pension-Related Tax Law

  • Performance Contract/Personal Service

  • Performers-Entertainment Law

  • Permits from the Regional Coastal Zone Conversation Commission

  • Permits from the Regional Coastal Zone Conversation Commission-Litigation

  • Personal Income Taxation (State and Federal)

  • Personal Injury (Tort Law)

  • Personal Matters-International

  • Personal Service/Performance Contract

  • Physician, Sue for Malpractice

  • Pictoral Works-Copyright Law

  • Plan of Arrangement-Bankruptcy (Chapter 13)

  • Police Brutality

  • Police-Violation of Civil Rights

  • Political Asylum-Immigration

  • Possession of Real Property (Litigation)

  • Post-Judgment Enforcement of Orders-Family Law

  • Powers of Attorney (Excluding Healthcare)

  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements

  • Premises Liability

  • Private Adoption (Interstate and International)

  • Private Adoption within California

  • Private Condemnation

  • Probate/Estate Administration

  • Products Liability

  • Professional Licenses

  • Property Damage

  • Property Insurance (Homeowners)

  • Property Line Disputes

  • Property Taxation

  • Protect Idea/Invention

  • Proxy Statements (Securities)

  • Psychological Damage from Sexual Assault or Childhood Sexual Abuse

  • Public Lands-Conservation of

  • Public Sector Benefits (Pension/Health/Disability)

  • Public Use/Excess Condemnation/Future Use

  • Public Utilities Commission

  • Publishing-Entertainment Law

  • Purchase of Commercial Property

  • Purchase of Residential Real Property



  • Qualification of Foreign Corporation

  • Quasi-public Condemnation

  • Qui Tam Suits



  • Real Property Law-Commercial Transactions (Purchase and Sale)

  • Real Property Law-Condominiums and Cooperatives

  • Real Property Law-Construction Contracts

  • Real Property Law-Easement/Zoning/Variance Matters

  • Real Property Law-Eminent Domain/Condemnation

  • Real Property Law-Foreclosures

  • Real Property Law-Litigation of Complex Matters (Fraud, Rescission, etc.)

  • Real Property Law-Litigation of Land Use Matters

  • Real Property Law-Litigation of Ownership/Possession Disputes

  • Real Property Law-Purchase and Sale of Residential Property

  • Real Property-Litigation (Complex )

  • Reciprocal Wills and Trusts

  • Reduce/Change Support Payments-Family Law

  • Regional Coastal Zone Conversation Commission Permits

  • Regional Coastal Zone Conversation Commission Permits-Litigation

  • Registration of Idea/Invention

  • Removal or Enforcement of Mechanics' Liens

  • Reorganization-Bankruptcy (Chapter 11)

  • Repairs-Consumer

  • Repayment of Social Security Overpayments

  • Repossessions-Automobiles

  • Rescission (Transfers of Real Property)-Litigation

  • Residential Lease (Landlord)

  • Residential Lease-Tenant

  • Residential Leases

  • Residential Real Property (Purchase/Sale)

  • Restaurant and Other Business Licenses

  • Restraining Orders (DVPA Orders)

  • Retired Social Security Claimants

  • Rezoning Amendments

  • Rezoning Amendments-Litigation

  • Right to Die (Medical Treatment)

  • Rights of Employees-Non-Union/Non-Government

  • Rights of Mental Patients

  • Riots Claim-Insurance

  • Ruling (Tax)-Business

  • Ruling (Tax)-Personal

  • Rusty Water-Water Rights



  • Sale of Commercial Property

  • Sale of Property for Development or Subdivision

  • Sale of Residential Real Property

  • Scam-Consumer Fraud

  • Schedule C-Taxation of Business Income (State and Federal)

  • School Attorney

  • Script-Sale for Film/Television

  • Sculptural Works-Copyright Law

  • Seamen, Business Matters involving

  • Search-Patent

  • Secured Transactions-Consumer

  • Secured Transactions-Contracts

  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Investigation-Proceedings

  • Securities Broker

  • Securities Broker, Action Against

  • Securities Broker, Action Against

  • Securities Dispute Arbitration

  • Securities Litigation

  • Securities Offerings, Registrations

  • Severance Damages relating to Availability of Amenities

  • Severance Pay-Executives

  • Sexual Abuse, Childhood

  • Sexual Assault/Abuse (Tort Law)

  • Sexual Harassment (Employment Law)

  • Ship Accident

  • Shipping by Sea

  • Ships, Business Matters involving

  • Slander

  • Slip and Fall Liability

  • Social Security-Disability Application

  • Social Security-Disability Termination

  • Social Security-General

  • Social Security-Overpayments

  • Social Security-Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

  • Software (Computer) Development

  • Song-Puchase/Record

  • Sound Recordings-Copyright Law

  • Special Needs Trusts

  • Spousal Support

  • SSI

  • Start-up of Business

  • State Agencies (See also specific agencies)

  • State Court Receivership-Bankruptcy

  • State Disability Benefits

  • State Unemployment Benefits

  • States/Municipalities, Suits against

  • Status Changes (Immigration)

  • Stock Broker

  • Stock Broker, Action Against

  • Stock Broker, Action Against

  • Stock Exchange Listing Applications

  • Student-Administrative Hearing

  • Subdivision Map

  • Subdivision Maps-Litigation

  • Subdivision-Sale of Commercial Property for

  • Suit against Police

  • Suits against States/Municipalities

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

  • Support Order Modification (Family Law)

  • Survivor Social Security Claims



  • Taking Back Property, Lender

  • Taking of a Portion of a Parcel

  • Taking of Property by Governmental Entity

  • Tariffs-International Law

  • Tavern Owners Liability

  • Tax Court Litigation

  • Tax Court Petitions

  • Tax Fraud Litigation

  • Tax Fraud, Audits involving

  • Tax Litigation (State and Federal)

  • Tax Planning for Estates and Trusts

  • Tax Planning-Business (State and Federal)

  • Tax Planning-Estate and Gift

  • Tax Planning-Personal (State and Federal)

  • Tax Ruling-Business

  • Tax Ruling-Personal

  • Taxation (State and Federal)-Business Income

  • Taxation (State/Federal)-Personal Income

  • Taxation-Audits (State and Federal)

  • Taxation-International and Interstate

  • Taxation-Pension Related

  • Taxation-Property

  • Teacher-Administrative Hearing

  • Television-Entertainment

  • Termination (Wrongful)-Labor and Employment Law

  • Termination, Wrongful

  • Theater-Entertainment Law

  • Three Strikes Law-Criminal Defense

  • Tickets, Excessive Traffic-Criminal Charge

  • Title (Real Property)-Litigation

  • Title VII (Sexual Harassment)-Labor and Employment Law

  • Too Many Drinks Served-Tavern Owners Liability

  • Toxic Wastes

  • Trade Agreements-International

  • Trade School Scams

  • Trade Secrets

  • Trademark-Intellectual Property

  • Traffic Tickets, Excessive-Criminal Charge

  • Traffic Violation-Criminal

  • Transplants (Medical Treatment)

  • Treatment-Medical

  • Truck Driver's License

  • Trusts

  • Truth in Lending



  • Unemployment Benefits

  • Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board

  • Unemployment Insurance Claims

  • Unfair Competition

  • Unfair Labor Practices

  • Union Rights-Hearings and Appeals

  • Unlawful Detainer-Commercial Lease (Landlord)

  • Unlawful Detainer-Commercial Lease (Tenant)

  • Unlawful Detainer-Residential Lease (Landlord)

  • Unlawful Detainer-Residential Lease (Tenant)



  • Valuation Problems-Eminent Domain/Condemnation

  • Variance Matters

  • Variances-Litigation

  • Venue Contracts-Theater

  • Veteran Services Division

  • Veterans' Benefits

  • Veterinary Malpractice

  • Visas/Naturalization-Immigration

  • Visitation



  • Water Rights

  • Waterways and Inlets, Licensing on

  • Whistle Blower Suits

  • White Collar Crimes

  • Will Contests

  • Will Drafting

  • Wills, Trusts, Estate, Tax Planning

  • Work Permits-Labor Certification

  • Workers Compensation-Appeals

  • Workers Compensation-California

  • Workers Compensation-Defense

  • Workers Compensation-Federal

  • Wrongful Termination (Civil Service)

  • Wrongful Termination (Employment Law)




  • Zoning

  • Zoning Laws, Constitutionality of-Litigation


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  • Arkansas

    Arkansas Legal Services

  • Arizona

    Arizona Center for Disability Law

    Arizona Justice Institute

    DNA-People’s Legal Services

    Law For Kids

    Southern Arizona Legal Aid

  • California

    Bay Area Legal Aid 

    Bet Tzedek Legal Services (L.A.)

    California Center for Law and the Deaf

    California Department of Consumer Affairs – Legal Agencies by County

    California Indian Legal Services

    California Rural Legal Assistance

    California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation

    California Women’s Law Center

    Central California Legal Services

    East Bay Community Law Center

    Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance, Inc

    Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law (L.A.)

    Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles

    Legal Aid Foundation of Santa Barbara County

    Legal Aid of Marin

    Legal Aid of Napa Valley

    Legal Aid Society of Orange County, California

    Legal Aid Society of the Orange County Bar Association

    Legal Aid Society of San Diego

    Legal Aid of San Mateo County

    Legal Aid Society of Santa Clara County

    Legal Aid Society of San Francisco Employment Law Center

    Legal Services of Northern California

    Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County

    Protection and Advocacy, Inc.

    Public Interest Clearinghouse

    Senior Legal Hotline

  • Colorado

    Colorado Legal Services (Colorado Legal Services)

    The Legal Center (Elder and Disability Law)

  • Connecticut

    Connecticut Legal Services

    Greater Hartford Legal Assistance

    Legal Assistance Resource Center of Connecticut

    New Haven Legal Assistance

    Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut

  • District of Columbia

    The Children’s Law Center

    DC Employment Justice Center

    Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia

    Legal Counsel for the Elderly

    Whitman – Walker Clinic Legal Department (HIV related legal issues)

  • Florida

    Bay Area Legal Services (Tampa)

    Central Florida Legal Services

    Florida Legal Services, Inc.

    Gulf Coast Legal Services

    Jacksonville Area Legal Aid

    Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County

    Legal Services of Greater Miami

    Legal Services of North Florida

    Three Rivers Legal Services

  • Georgia

    Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc.

    Georgia Advocacy Office

    Georgia Legal Services Program

    Legal Assistance in Georgia

  • Hawaii

    Legal Aid Society of Hawaii

  • Idaho

    Idaho Legal Aid  

  • Illinois

    Cabrini Green Legal Aid Clinic

    CARPLS (Cook County)

    Illinois Legal Aid

    Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago  

    Prairie State Legal Services

  • Indiana

    Indianapolis Legal Aid Society

    Indiana Justice Center

    Legal Aid Corporation of Tippecanoe County

  • Iowa

    Iowa Legal Aid

  • Kansas

    Kansas Legal Services

  • Kentucky

    Appalachian Citizens Law Center

    Kentucky Legal Aid

    Legal Aid Network of Kentucky

    Louisville Legal Aid Society

  • Louisiana

    Acadiana Legal Services

    Advocacy Center (Elderly and Disabled)

    AidsLaw of Louisiana

    Legal Services of North Lousiana

    New Orleans Legal Assistance Corporation

  • Maine  

    Disability Rights Center of Maine

    Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project

    KIDS Legal Aid of Maine

    Legal Services for the Elderly

    Maine Equal Justice Project

    Pine Tree Legal Assistance

  • Maryland

    Legal Aid Bureau, Inc.

    Maryland Legal Services Corporation

    Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service

  • Massachusetts

    Center for Public Representation

    Children’s Law Center of Massachusetts

    Committee for Public Counsel Services

    Community Legal Services and Counseling Center

    Disability Law Center

    Greater Boston Legal Services

    Legal Advocacy and Resource Center

    Massachusetts Advocates for Children

    Massachusetts Correctional Legal Services

    Massachusetts Law Reform Institute

    Massachusetts Legal Help

    Massachusetts Legal Services

    Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee

    Merrimack Valley Legal Services

    Neighborhood Legal Services(Lynn and Lawrence)

    New Center for Legal Advocacy(Bristol and Plymouth County)

    South Middlesex Legal Services

  • Michigan

    Farmworker Legal Services of Michigan

    Internet Representation Project(Northern Michigan)

    Legal Services of Eastern Michigan

    Legal Services of Northern Michigan

    Michigan Indian Legal Services

    Michigan Legal Assistance Network (for clients)

    Michigan Poverty Law Program(for advocates)

  • Minnesota

    Legal Aid Service of Northeastern Minnesota

    Mid-Minnesota Legal Services

    Minnesota Legal Services Coalition

    Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services

  • Mississippi

    Mississippi Legal Services

  • Missouri

    Legal Services of Eastern Missouri, Inc.

    Legal Aid of Western Missouri

    Missouri Legal Aid Offices

  • Montana

    Montana Legal Services

  • Nebraska

    Legal Aid of Nebraska

    Nebraska Equal Justice Clearinghouse

  • Nevada

    Clark County Legal Services

    Nevada Disability Advocacy and Law Center

    Nevada Legal Services  

    Washoe County Senior Law Project

    Washoe Legal Services

  • New Hampshire

    Legal Advice and Referral Center

    New Hampshire Legal Assistance

  • New Jersey

    Camden Center for Law and Social Justice

    Education Law Center

    Legal Services of New Jersey

    LSNJ Law

  • New Mexico

    DNA-People’s Legal Services

  • New York

    Advocates for Children

    Empire Justice Center

    Farmworker Legal Services of NewYork

    HIV Law Project

    Legal Aid Society of New York

    Legal Assistance of Western New York

    Legal Services of the Hudson Valley

    Legal Services for New York City

    Legal Services for the Elderly, Disabled or Disadvantaged(Western NY)

    Nassau / Suffolk Law Services

    Neighborhood Legal Services(Buffalo)

    New York Legal Assistance Group

    Public Utility Law Project

    Queens Legal Services

    Rural Law Center of New York

    South Brooklyn Legal Services

    Western New York Law Center

  • North Carolina

    Legal Aid of North Carolina

    Legal Services of Southern PiedmontNorth Carolina Justice and Community
    Development Center

    North Central Legal Assistance

  • North Dakota

    Dakota Plains Legal Services

    Legal Assistance of North Dakota

    Legal Services of North Dakota

  • Ohio

    Equal Justice Foundation

    Legal Aid Society of Cleveland

    Legal Aid Society of Columbus

    Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati

    Ohio State Legal Services Association / Southeastern Ohio Legal Services

    Pro Seniors

  • Oklahoma

    Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma

    Oklahoma Indian Legal Services

  • Oregon

    Legal Aid Services of Oregon

    Lane County Legal Services Programs (Eugene)

    Marion-Polk Legal Aid Service

  • Pennsylvania

    Center for Disability Law and Policy

    Community Legal Services of Philadelphia

    Homeless Advocacy Project(Philadelphia)

    Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania

    MidPenn Legal Services

    Neighborhood Legal Services Association (Pittsburgh)

    NorthPenn Legal Services

    Northwestern Legal Services

    Pennsylvania Legal Services

    Pennsylvania Health Law Project


    Philadelphia Legal Assistance

  • Puerto Rico

    Servicios Legales

  • Rhode Island

    Rhode Island Legal Services


  • South Carolina

    South Carolina Law Help  

    South Carolina Legal Services

  • South Dakota

    Dakota Plains Legal Services

  • Tennessee

    Legal Aid of East Tennessee

    Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands

    Memphis Legal Aid Society

    Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services

    West Tennessee Legal Services, Inc.

  • Texas

    Advocacy Incorporated

    Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse

    Legal Aid of Northwest Texas

    Legal Hotline for Older Texans

    Lone Star Legal Aid

    Texas Legal Services Center (State Support)

    Texas RioGrande Legal Aid

    Women’s Advocacy Project

  • Utah

    Disability Law Center

    Utah Pro Bono Volunteer Resource Guide

    Utah Legal Services

  • Vermont

    Legal Services Law Line of Vermont

    Vermont Law Help

    Vermont Legal Aid

  • Virginia

    Blue Ridge Legal Services

  • Central Virginia Legal Aid Society

    Legal Aid Justice Center

    Legal Services of Northern Virginia

    Potomac Legal Aid Society

    Rappahannock Legal Services

    Southwest Virginia Legal Aid Society

    Virginia Legal Aid Society

    Virginia Poverty Law Center

  • Washington

    Columbia Legal Services

    Equal Justice Coalition

    Legal Foundation of Washington

    Northwest Justice Project

  • West Virginia

    Legal Aid of West Virginia

    Legal Help for West Virginians

    West Virginia Senior Legal Aid

  • Wisconsin

    Legal Action of Wisconsin

    Senior Law

    Wisconsin Equal Justice Coalition

    Wisconsin Judicare


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